Apartments in Berkeley, CA — Higby

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Higby earned a LEED Platinum Certification from the United States Green Building Council and is managed to support a sustainable lifestyle

Higby uses non-toxic cleaning solutions to keep it pristine as well as green

Higby is a Biker’s Paradise with a Bike Score™ of 99 and offers secured bicycle parking

Higby uses recycled rainwater to irrigate its landscape of native, adaptive plants

Gerding Edlen Brand Collage

At Gerding Edlen, we use our Principles of Place to create vibrant and inspiring places for people. By leveraging sustainability, community and smart design, we can reduce environmental impacts associated with the construction and operations of our buildings while providing high quality community-oriented experiences for our tenants.

Read more about Gerding Edlen’s Principles of Place, a unique set of standards for livable spaces.

Word Collage (Building community, create inviting spaces, minimize carbon footprint and energy dependence, connect people and buildings to nature, encourage transportation alternatives, craft the first 30 feet, inspire communities with art, make 20-minute living real, integrate schools and neighborhoods, preserve symbols that matter)

Higby’s non-toxic finishes and ventilation system keep your air fresh